jeudi 13 octobre 2011

Jean Michel Jarre Autumn Tour 2011 Preview

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Zwoekie a dit…

Hi there!
Not to be mr. Negativity here because I just love a gig of Jarre. The last Monaco concert was great, I watched it online because eoronews kept interrupting the concert but that gave me the chance to meet some great people online. While watching JMJ do his thing in Monaco I hooked up with a guy from Texas and later another guy from south America all great fun ....... and it gave me a total new view on Téo & Téa! I never in my life saw this working but how the crowd reacted to those dance/trance hooks, congratulations Jean Michel, you finally done it, create an acceptable dance album while keeping your own classical "Jarre-ness" in the music. This is not meant to be sarcastic because I think JMJ has been trying to get that that Urban techno/trance sound since Revolutions and although I bought the album I my doubts but it really works. Kudos!

Now a question. I bought rarities, I already had the bootleg but I love all the old stuff on the 2nd cd. The first cd was like a poor greatest hits but what the heck. I totally love the cd features, especially the grooves in the cd surface which made them look very 70-ties.
When are you planning to produce a really new album?
I hear all sorts of rumors of projects with with Brian May and other interesting people. I know you love to play live because I can see it from your face your enjoying every moment of it and to be brutally honest I have trouble keeping up with you and I'm 40, but I'm chronically ill and full of painkillers so that takes all the fun out of you but anyway, when are we going to see a crispy brand new album (preferably 5.1 DTS) from you again?
It's not gonna stay with addagio for strings for the next 10 years is it?
I really hope on some radically new or maybe O2, Equinoxe but with a modern twist. You brought the whole Paris musical underground to the mainstream back then what is stopping you now?
I recently experienced a tiny bit of what it is when people dig your music and start to contact you and you still have to handle everything yourself, so no teams for MySpace, Facebook etc and try to promote your own music through all possible channels, pondering whether your better of with ReverbNation or Cdbaby etc, the heaaches of the new starting composer/producer but its totally cool to see that "I Like" counter going up or people who really love music signing up for the newsletter.
What can we expect from you Jean Michel in the near future? I'm planning to release 3 albums heavily inspired by you and that other Greek guy, what's his name, he had a awesome soundtrack bladerunner, oh yes, Vangelis. Just kidding ;-)
Get back into that studio and create something that will inspire me for the next 10 years please.

You're the best and take care.

Au revoir,


LJ.Isis a dit…

The visuals, look amazing. I know the sound would already be beyond words.
Love and hugs

Gerhard Just Olsen a dit…

Cant wait!

tdream88 a dit…

Maintenant que j'ai eu l'occasion de mettre les pieds dans la "Grosse Pomme", j'espère que mon rêve se concrétisera de vous voir au "Radio City Music Hall" en 2012... dREaM oN!!!

Robi a dit…

keep the blog alive!

Tamara a dit…

Hello Jean Michel Jarre! My name is Tamara.I love you as the man and I want to be your wife and to live with you.I will sit at a concert in St.-Petersburg in the first row 32 place. I want, that you have paid to me attention. To me 31 year.Whole also I embrace, I will hope for our meeting with you. I want to take the autograph.

jarreblogru a dit…

The concert in Moscow was wonderful!!!
Great sound, colour and... security who didn't let people dance on the balcony...

I hope you enjoyed it too!

We wish to see you here again really "soon" ;)

Merci beaucoup, Jean Michel!!!!

P.S. when you were thanking some people on the balcony last night, saying "You up there! Great people!" you were adressing the team!!
Thank you once more though you didn't know it was us)

BSHolveri a dit…

Jean_MIchel Jarre's concert is a true wonder. Always. The concert is a visual masterpiece. Congratulations to the entire team. Great!

Сергей Романюк a dit…

I attedned Jarre's concert in Kiev on October, 14th. It was just amazing!

Here's my videos from the concert:

Peter(A.R.P.) a dit…

Hi JM,
Seen on Saturday in Koln!!
Best Regards, Peter!! (from A.R.P.)

c1a487be-08a4-11e1-85b0-000bcdcb471e a dit…

I have been at the concert in Dortmund on November 4th. It was awesome! Thank you very much, merci beaucoup a Jean Michel et groupe! And please come back to Germany soon!

Franks57 a dit…
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Franks57 a dit…
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Franks57 a dit…
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Franks57 a dit…
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Franks57 a dit…
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Franks57 a dit…

Bonjour Jean Michel JARRE.

Je m'appele Frank, suis né à Metz en 1970 et ai chopé le virus JMJ depuis tout petit comme beaucoup d'autres gens que je salue au passage.

Puis-je croire en l'infime espoir que vous puissiez s'il-vous-plaît avoir le temps d'écouter les trois premières compositions de mon premier album intitulé "Fibroptik" ?

Je serais heureux que vous me fassiez cet honneur et vous invite (je rêve encore) dans mon espace soundcloud :

Mes trois premiers titres sont :
01 - Fibroptik 1.0 :
03 - My blog :
11 - Sad Email :

Sous votre influence, j'espère, à mon niveau, apporter dans mes compositions davantage de mélodie dans la musique électronique d'aujourd'hui et ce, à ma façon.

N.B. Pardon d'avoir "pollué" votre blog avec mon message mais parmi mes rêves, j'aimerais tellement que Monsieur Jarre me dise ce qu'il pense de ce qu'un petit mosellan comme moi aura fait dans son modeste Home Studio.

P.S.: J'adore ce que vous faites depuis tout petit. Vous êtes, j'en suis convaincu, le roi de la musique électronique, la vraie que je nomme "Melodic & Synthetic" !

En écrivant ces quelques lignes, je suis certain que vos plus grands fans (plus méritants parfois que moi) se moqueront de ma démarche et que vous ne me lirez peut-être jamais.

J'ai presque honte de ce que j'ai fait mais c'est plus fort que moi.
Néanmoins, comme on dit, l'espoir fait vivre.

Bien à vous, cher JMJ avec qui j'ai grandi, moi le grand gamin de 41 ans.

Portez-vous bien,

Frank S. (Moselle - FRANCE)

Antoinette a dit…

Merci beaucoup pour le concert superbe a Varsovie et la rencontre au EMPIK le précédente. Le concert a été fantastique et je me suis amusée trés, trés bien!
Je trouve l`idee d` aider combattre l`illettrisme superbe. Chaque personne dans le monde entier doit avoir la chance de profiter du trophees du monde moderne. – C`est impossible sans être capable de lire où ecrire!
Merci, Jean Michel,

Lorenza a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
ghulam sarwar a dit…

nice work keep it up

tdream88 a dit…

Un an jour pour jour sans nouvelles sur ce blog... Du nouveau pour bientôt ?!

Robi a dit…

Is there any reason to maintain this blog anymore?

JMJ has nothing to share with us.

He became a businessman and he knows he would just make us bored with Aerotoys updates.

JMJ is vanishing.

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